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My Approach

I work from the fundamental belief that all individuals have the capacity to effectively deal with any challenge in their lives given the right tools and support. I am passionate about strengthening people and relationships through the exploration of family and interpersonal dynamics. I help individuals, couples and families improve and understand their relationships by providing a safe and non-judgmental setting.

I work with couples who are in conflict, have communication and parenting issues. I also do premarital counseling. My practice includes working with women who are working on identity issues, self-esteem, boundaries, co-dependency, domestic violence, and their partner's infidelity including pornography.

As a certified Medical Family Therapist I specialize in working with individuals and families who are struggling with cancer, those living with HIV and other chronic illnesses, and end of life issues. I am a member of the AAMFT and AACC.

My Approach
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